Cornelius Krieghoff (1815-1872)

Cornelius Krieghoff (1815-1872)  (SOLD)

A.J. Casson (1898-1992)

A.J. Casson (1898-1992)

Recent Works by Danielle Lanteigne

Danielle Lanteigne
Danielle Lateigne

Yellow Tulips

Acrylic on canvas 40" x 40"

Bouquet of Yellow Tulips

Acrylic on canvas 60" x 36"

Recent Works by Chantale Jean

Chantale Jean

Blue Sky

Acrylic on canvas 36" x 36"

Chantale Jean

Verticality no. 22 - The Fifth Season

Acrylic on canvas 48" x 24"

Prudence Heward (1896-1947)
The Beaver Hall Group Centennial
Retrospective Exhibition


Paintings on loan from the A.K. Prakash Collection


November 6 - 20, 2021

Prudence Heward

Continuing in a long-standing and unique tradition of hosting annual non-selling educational shows, Galerie Eric Klinkhoff celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first exhibition of the Beaver Hall Group.  This was a ground-breaking group whose importance has become more and more evident with the passage of time.  The featured artists will be Nora Collyer, Emily Coonan, Prudence Heward, Mabel Lockerby, Mabel May, Kathleen Morris, Lilias Torrance Newton, Sarah Robertson, Anne Savage, Ethel Seath, Regina Seiden, also André Biéler, Adrien Hébert, Edwin Holgate, A.Y. Jackson, J.Y. Johnstone,  Robert Pilot, and Albert Robinson.  Galerie Eric Klinkhoff is grateful to the A.K. Prakash Foundation for its participation in this show.

Welcome to Galerie Eric Klinkhoff


Eric Klinkhoff has opened Galerie Eric Klinkhoff in an iconic space - the former Galerie Walter Klinkhoff, founded by his father, Walter Klinkhoff, in 1950. Following in his father's footsteps, Eric Klinkhoff, well-known and highly respected art dealer, figures as one of the most-experienced experts in the field of Canadian art.  Galerie Eric Klinkhoff specializes in the purchase, sale, and appraisal of important Canadian art by the 19th and early 20th century artists, the Canadian Impressionists, Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, contemporaries of the Group of Seven and independents, members of the Beaver Hall Hill Group, the Canadian Group of Painters, the Contemporary Arts Society, Les Automatistes, Primitive Quebec Artists, and other important artists of the post-War period.


Appointed by the artist, Eric Klinkhoff is John Little's exclusive representative.