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Important Canadian Masters

Galerie Eric Klinkhoff has considerable expertise in the dealing of fine art by the leading artists of previous generations, including 19th Century Canadians, the Canadian Impressionists, Tom Thomson, the legendary Group of Seven and their contemporaries, the Beaver Hall Hill Group of Painters, members of the Contemporary Art Society and other Moderns.  If you have any inquiries regarding the sale of your quality works of art by these and other important Canadian masters, we invite you to contact Eric Klinkhoff by email at or by telephone at (514) 288-7306.

Please browse through our lists of Canadian Historical Artists by alphabetical order or by group:

19th and Early 20th Century Canadian Masters

F.M. Bell Smith

William Brymner

Charles E. De Bell

James Duncan

Allan Edson

Theophile Hamel

Robert Harris

Frank Hennessey

Alfred W. Holdstock

Otto Jacobi

John Young Johnstone

Henri Julien

Paul Kane

Cornelius Krieghoff

Ozias Leduc

T. Mower Martin

Marmeduke Matthews

James W. Morrice

Lucius O'Brien

Paul Peel

Antoine Plamondon

William Raphael

George Agnew Reid

A.D. Rozaire

G. Horne Russell

Joseph St-Charles

Henry Sandham

Frederick A. Verner

Horatio Walker
Charles C. Ward

Homer Watson

Robert Whale

Mary Wrinch

Canadian Impressionists

Clarence A. Gagnon

John A Hammond

Adrien Hébert

Manley MacDonald

The Beaver Hall Group of Painters

Group of Seven

Contemporaries of the Group of Seven

Sir Frederick G. Banting

J.W. Beatty

B.C. Binning

Albert Cloutier

Canadian Group of Painters

André Biéler

B.C. Binning

Fritz Brandtner

Bertram Brooker

Franklin Carmichael

Emily Carr

Alfred J. Casson

Paraskeva Clark

Charles Comfort

Stanley M. Cosgrove

L.L. Fitzgerald

Lawren Harris

Prudence Heward

Randolph S. Hewton

Edwin Holgate

Yvonne McKague Housser

E.J. Hughes

Jack Humphrey

A.Y. Jackson

Arthur Lismer

Mabel Lockerby

Pegi Nicol MacLeod

Henri Masson

H. Mabel May

David Milne

Kathleen Morris

Louis Muhlstock

Post-War and Contemporary Art Society

Stanley M. Cosgrove

Jean Philippe Dallaire

Jacques de Tonnancour

Marcelle Ferron

John Fox

Yves Gaucher

Pierre Gauvreau

E.J. Hughes

Jacques Hurtubise

Wiliam Kurelek

Fernand Leduc

Jean-Paul Lemieux

Rita Letendre

John Lyman

Henri Masson

Jean McEwen

Louis Muhlstock

Alfred Pellan

Joseph Plaskett

René Richard

Jean-Paul Riopelle

Goodridge Roberts

Marian Scott

Jori Smith

Philip Surrey

Frederick B. Taylor

Claude Tousignant


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